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Portrait image of Francesca


Job title: Teacher, Honiton Primary School

Area of work: Teaching

Before moving to Devon, I was a Teacher in Manchester and Oldham. I was lucky to have a very well-rounded experience with a mixture of school backgrounds from private schools, to small town and village schools and large urban and inner-city schools. I chose to relocate to Devon because I wanted a better quality of life with a more active outdoor lifestyle and to work in a school with a good community feel. I have definitely found both!

The school has a great community connection and the children I teach are much friendlier and more forthcoming. I’m currently teaching my year 2 class from home and online and, while the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues, I’m in school teaching a reception pod of nine. My work life balance has actually become better, although I’m not able to enjoy it that much due to the current restrictions. My school has provided all PPE and has kept me as updated and informed as possible. We’ve also had lots of messages of thanks and appreciation, too.

As for the impact of COVID-19 on the future of schooling, I believe that we, as teachers, will be more responsible for the social aspect of children’s lives. Hygiene and handwashing will be incorporated more throughout the school day, while technology will be looked upon favourably and will have a greater impact on teaching in schools and at home going forward.