Horse box and horse trailer acceptance policy


Vans under 3.5t gross weight and less than 6m in length that have been converted into a horsebox and remains as a non-box type van are accepted. Please ensure you apply for a van permit before accessing the recycling centre.

Horse trailers are permitted to use the facility providing it adheres to the current trailer rules which are:

  • the trailer has an internal bed length of no more than 3m (10ft)
  • the trailer is not attached to a large van or pick-up. Only cars, 4×4 and car derived vans may tow the trailer

4 x 4v vehicle towing a horse box                Van

N.B. Any trailer/van being used to transport items to the recycling centre must be clean of any animal litter.

Not acceptable

Vans over 3.5t gross weight and/or greater than 6m in length, box/luton type horse boxes and trailers over 3m (10ft) internal bed length are not permitted to use the site.

Luton horsebox lorry