Recycling centre service facilities for the information of waste depositors (A61C Form – January 2024)

About this site

This recycling centre is provided for householders to reuse, recycle and dispose of bulky household waste.

Trade waste, i.e. the waste produced in the course of a business or from any trade premises, is classified as commercial and industrial waste and may not be disposed of at this site*

*Unless specifically permitted by Devon County Council (garden waste and cardboard only), see apply for commercial recycling page or contact 0345 155 1010 for further information.

Persons depositing unauthorised trade waste may be guilty of several offences including contravention of S.33 of the Environment Protection Act 1990, S.2 of the Theft Act 1978, and S.34 of the Environment Protection Act 1990 (Duty of Care Legislation). Penalties on summary conviction include heavy fines and/or imprisonment. It is the Council’s policy to take action against persons offending. Trade wastes should be disposed of via a licensed commercial waste disposal contractor.

The operator of this site has responsibility for all that happens on this site. Users are requested to comply with his instructions. Failure to do so may result in the Council taking action against you which will be appropriate to the circumstances. For example, if you deposit your wastes against the specific instructions of the site operator, then the Council will recharge you with the cost of removing and disposing of this waste. Further investigations may also be undertaken to determine whether any criminal liability as described above is apparent.

Householders using the facilities are required to segregate their waste into the correct area/container for recycling. If any waste is re-usable, then please bring this to the attention of the site operator.

Chargeable waste

A limited free allowance of DIY waste is available per household. Any excess DIY waste material, oversize DIY material or additional visits over a household’s free allowance will incur charges. Please see chargeable waste for all information.


Bonded Asbestos only (facility not available at all sites) For further information, visit our asbestos page.

Restricted/prohibited waste reason and suggested disposal route

Restricted waste Restriction
Fluorescent tubes Up to 5 in a 6 month period will be accepted (from domestic properties only).
Gas bottles

Standard (household) gas bottles are acceptable; however restrictions apply, see gas bottle guidance for further information.

Alternatively gas bottles may be returned to an agent/retailer of the LPG supplier. Specialised canisters/non-standard canisters are not accepted.

Hazardous / toxic waste

Up to 5 litres of hazardous waste (e.g. weed killers, solvents, bleaches, petrol, diesel, engine oil, etc) can be accepted from householders. Old medicines should be handed in to your local pharmacy. You may also wish to consider giving surplus fuel to a neighbour to use (e.g. in a lawn mower).

Please note that only household petrol/diesel can be accepted at the recycling centres (e.g. from lawnmowers/household appliances and not from vehicles/boats).

All wastes in this category must be handed over to the site operator in a suitable, secure container, with the contents clearly marked or they will not be accepted.

Food/ Putrescible/ General refuse/ Excess non-recyclable waste

Food/ Putrescible/ General refuse/ Excess non-recyclable waste may present a health hazard and encourage pests. Restricted quantities of this waste are acceptable by prior arrangement only (facility not available at all sites), and only when the District Council are not able to collect it.

There is a limit of 8 bags in a 12 month period, and the waste must be pre-booked in advance by contacting the Customer Service Centre on 0345 155 1010 (Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturdays 9am – 1pm)

DIY waste free allowance A limited free allowance of DIY waste is available per household. This is limited to four single visits per household in any four-week period with either; up to 2 rubble bags (which can be safely carried by the depositor) per visit; or 1 single (unbagged) item up to a maximum of 2 metres in length per visit (e.g., 1 door or 1 bath). Any excess DIY waste material, oversize DIY material or additional visits over a household’s free allowance will incur charges. The free allowance is subject to the Terms and Conditions found on our website
Old paint Please inform the site operator if the paint is re-useable. If the paint is not reusable, please double wrap each tin in plastic bags/film (to avoid spillage) and hand to the site operator.
Vehicle waste Spent engine oil, oil filters and vehicle batteries are acceptable at Recycling Centres, however, vehicles, other vehicle parts (including petrol/diesel), boats, caravans and trailers are not acceptable and should be disposed of via a scrap metal merchant/waste contractor. Tyres are chargeable at current rate, no commercial/agricultural tyres permitted, no charge for bicycle tyres. For further information and prices visit our chargeable waste webpage.
Prohibited waste Restriction
Dead pets, pet faeces and soiled litter/bedding material See Household clinical wastes below. Your local Vet will be able to help you with regard to the cremation of dead pets. You may wish to consider a home composting facility for pet faeces and/or soiled cage bedding material or check with your local Sewerage Authority regarding the disposal of faeces only to the domestic sewerage system.
Flares/fireworks and explosives/ammunition This type of waste is not accepted at Recycling Centres. Please contact your local Coastguard (flares) or Police station (explosives/ammunition) for advice on safe disposal. If you have fireworks (spent/unspent) please contact the manufacturer.
Household clinical wastes These wastes present a health hazard and are therefore not accepted. All such wastes should be placed in orange disposal bags or other appropriate containers available from your District Council. Arrangements should be made for this waste to be collected using the District Council’s clinical collection service, or via your visiting NHS/private district nurse.
Litter picking wastes

District councils are normally responsible for the collection of litter on public land.

If you are undertaking a community/group litter picking event, we advise that you discuss your arrangements with the local district council who may be able to collect the litter you collect from a convenient place near the event’s location.

Oil tanks Oil tanks are not accepted at recycling centres and must be disposed of via a licenced commercial waste disposal contractor.
Sanitary wastes (e.g. nappies, sanitary towels) Not accepted at Recycling Centres. These wastes should be wrapped and placed in your dustbin for normal collection by your District Council.