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Guide: Transport for children with special educational needs

Code of conduct

All new pupils travelling on school transport, including those with special educational needs, are required to sign a statement on the application form to agree to abide by a code of conduct which sets out the behaviour expected on every journey.

Parents are also required to sign the code of conduct statement to indicate that they are aware of the sanctions which can be imposed if their child fails to comply with the code of conduct.

If the child is very young or has special educational needs and is unable to sign the statement we ask that parents explain as fully as possible to their child the need to behave appropriately on school transport and sign the statement to indicate they have done so.

There is a special simplified version of the code of conduct for very young pupils or those with severe learning disabilities. We will try to send you the most appropriate code of conduct for your child but if you feel we have sent the incorrect version please contact us on 0345 155 1019.