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Guide: School admission appeals

The panel’s decision

We aim to notify you in writing of the decision within a few days of the hearing.

Successful appeals

If your appeal is successful, a place will be made available at the school. You and the school will be informed that the appeal was successful on the same day.

Unsuccessful appeals

There is no further right of an appeal except in certain circumstances. If you feel that the appeal hearing was not conducted in accordance with the appeal code of practice you can complain to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) or, in the case of academies, the Education Funding Agency (EFA).

The LGO’s and the EFA’s remit is to investigate whether or not the correct procedures have been followed and not whether the panel’s decision was wrong.

You may not submit a further appeal for admission in the same academic year unless there has been a significant change in your circumstances such as a house move. If you feel there has been a significant change you should initially contact the admission authority.