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Guide: School admission appeals

About admission appeals

Attending the appeal hearing

You will be invited to attend the appeal hearing and present your case. If possible, you should do this as it’s very helpful for members of the independent appeal panel to hear, first-hand, why you want your child to attend a particular school.

You may bring along your partner, a friend, adviser, interpreter or signer to the appeal with you (if you need an interpreter, please let us know when you appeal as we can organise this for you).  Your child is also allowed to attend the appeal if you feel this is appropriate.

If you do not wish to attend the hearing, your appeal will be heard in your absence and considered on the written evidence you have provided with your appeal form. This also applies if you do not arrive for your arranged hearing.

It is not permissible for a representative of the school you are appealing for to accompany you to the hearing or provide letters of support.

If you have a disability

If you have a disability and/or need any special arrangements, please state this on the appeal form.

Who will hear your appeal?

Your appeal will be heard by an independent appeal panel composed of three volunteers. All panel members are appointed and trained in accordance with the School Admission Appeals Code.

Either a school admissions officer or a school representative will attend the appeal hearing to present the case as to why your child cannot be admitted to your preferred school and answer any questions that you or the members of the independent appeal panel may have.

An appeals clerk will attend to take notes at the hearing and provide advice and guidance about the procedure and arrangements. The clerk will play no part in reaching a decision on your case but will remain with the panel members while they make their decision.

Please try and be on time on the day of your hearing. You will be admitted to the hearing and the basic procedure of the hearing will be explained.

What sort of information should I provide?

Your appeal should include the reasons why you want your child to go to the school you prefer. Also, include any reasons why you believe your child’s year group at the school is not actually full.

Whatever your reason for appealing, you should provide in advance as much information in support of your appeal as you can. This might include personal circumstances, such as medical advice. Where this is relevant, it is helpful to provide copies of doctor’s notes.

Please note that the late introduction of evidence may not be considered by the panel.