Pension fund climate risk

Please provide the following information in relation to Devon management of pension fund climate risk, & information & advice on same provided by external investment consultants including (but not limited to) Aon, Mercer, Allenbridge Epic and Hymans Robertson. 1) Please … Continue reading

Cut down trees

Please can you confirm how many trees have been cut down by the Council during the past 12 months and during 2022. From 01 Jan 2022 to 31 Dec 2022 – 372 In the 12 months prior to 14 Feb … Continue reading

Biodiversity net gain

1. How much you are currently charging, or plan to charge, developers for offsite biodiversity units so that they can meet their biodiversity net gain requirements At present, there is no agreement on charges that might be levied; we are … Continue reading

Exeter City Centre planning

Please provide any reports, research or analysis undertaken by Devon County Council or its consultants on: 1. The viability of a tram or trolleybus system in Exeter. There has been no report, research or analysis relating to the viability of … Continue reading

Council Staff working on Climate Action

1a. How many staff does the Council directly employ (excluding contractors or subcontractors, and excluding teachers), that work directly for the Council as opposed to a school, leisure centres or other venture? 5,364 Full-time equivalents (FTE) 1b. How many directly … Continue reading

Carbon literacy training

Please supply me with information relating to the following questions: a. Have all senior management received carbon literacy training or equivalent since 1st January 2019? Please state the type of training. No b. Have all current councillors in the cabinet … Continue reading

Lobbying for climate action and funding

Please supply me with information relating to the following question: Has the council written to or met with UK national or devolved governments to ask or lobby for climate action since 1st January 2019? Please provide some evidence of the … Continue reading

Cosy Devon Grant Scheme

I now want to request information about the current expenditure on admin, publicity and the various consultants invloved in this scheme along with the actual amount allocated and spent on the retrofit work. The following values are for expenditure to … Continue reading

Biodiversity Net Gain

1.Who is the BNG lead within the council and what are their direct contact details?   There is, at present, no single lead for all aspects of BNG, with responsibilities divided between those overseeing the regulation of BNG requirements through the … Continue reading