Tree planting schemes

Please tell me whether the council has undertaken any tree planting schemes as part of its work to tackle climate change and/or help reach net zero or improve air quality. Devon County Council’s Carbon Reduction Plan [see: Carbon reduction plan … Continue reading

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

1. What email address was this request was sent to? 2. What is the name of your local authority? Devon County Council (DCC) 3. How many public electric vehicle charging points (EVCP) are there within your local authority area? … Continue reading

Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plans

1. Does the council have a Local Plan, which has been developed and/or updated in the past seven years (i.e. from January 2016 to date)? 2. Has any area(s) been identified as suitable for wind energy development in the latest … Continue reading

Taw estuary

1. Has the Council had any contact with the Ministry of Defence regarding access to the Site of Special Scientific Interest on the Taw estuary from the families’ accommodation at RMB Chivenor? There has been contact between staff at RMB … Continue reading

Hedge and verge management

Verge management 1 Does the Authority directly manage any highway verges using its own workforce? No 2 Does the Authority manage any highway verges by contracting third parties to undertake works? Yes If yes, please state the number of contracts … Continue reading

Electric Vehicles

1. How many electric vehicles (EV) do Devon County Council (DCC) own or rent on contract lease? 7 2. How many cars, or other service vehicles, within used within the DCC fleet? 5 cars and 2 vans. 3. How much … Continue reading

Electric Vehicle Charge Points

1. Which companies, specialising in electric vehicle recharging, including Charging Point Operators (CPOs), have received payments or are due to receive payments, from National Government, specifically OZEV funding, to install, maintain, procure or operate publicly accessible electric vehicle recharging points … Continue reading

Triple-Axe Action Plan

In respect of a publication Triple Axe Action Plan 2021 final version dated 9th March 2021 written by Acland, Maben and Saunders: 1. What was the cost of the report? £13,668.14 (includes the purchase of data) 2. What was the … Continue reading

Newton Creek

1. Details of complaints and correspondence received from local residents regarding water quality and sewage issues from 2015 – 2016. Devon County Council holds no information regarding complaints or correspondence relating to water quality and sewage issues in Newton Creek, … Continue reading