• Tree Felling

    Please can I have the raw data set of how many trees have been chopped down by the council since the start of 2017, broken down by year. Please refer to the attached spreadsheet. And after the council has received … Continue reading

  • Exeter flood alleviation scheme contractors

    Under the The Freedom of Information Act please can you send me the company names of the contractors, sub contractors and suppliers working/have worked on the Exeter Flood Alleviation Scheme. Devon County Council do not hold this information as the … Continue reading

  • Removal of Trees

    1. How many trees does the council currently plan to fell (recommended for removal) over the next 12 months so far and why does it plan to fell them? Devon County Council’s Premises and Highways tree inspections are not undertaken … Continue reading

  • Pinch Point Query TQ13 0DN

    I wish to know if Stancott Farm, TQ13 0DN is a Pinch Point as defined by the South Hams SAC – HRA Guidance with respect to Greater Horseshoe Bats (2019) and the Devon County Council Environment Viewer. The precise location … Continue reading

  • Electric Vehicle Procurement

    1. What is the council’s long-term electric vehicle (EV) strategy? This information is already publicly available on our EV Charging Strategy for consultation webpage. 2. How many ev charging points have the council installed? Devon County Council (DCC) have been … Continue reading

  • Climate Change Emergency Declaration

    Please provide the following information: 1. Specific planned actions for Scope 2 emissions since the Devon County Council’s Carbon Reduction Plan See Table 1, 3 and 4 in the Carbon Reduction Plan. All actions in these tables, other than the … Continue reading

  • Pension fund climate risk

    Please provide the following information in relation to Devon management of pension fund climate risk, & information & advice on same provided by external investment consultants including (but not limited to) Aon, Mercer, Allenbridge Epic and Hymans Robertson. 1) Please … Continue reading

  • Cut down trees

    Please can you confirm how many trees have been cut down by the Council during the past 12 months and during 2022. From 01 Jan 2022 to 31 Dec 2022 – 372 In the 12 months prior to 14 Feb … Continue reading