School Transport

Following a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian (a school student crossing the road) on the A35 at Kilmington in 2005, changes were made to the provision of school buses serving students from Kilmington. Buses have since that time … Continue reading

Electric vehicle charge points

Has the Devon County Council applied for / received funding for electric vehicle charge point infrastructure from the UK Government? If not, why? • Devon County Council (DCC) has applied for and received funding from the European Regional Development Fund … Continue reading

Transport services commissioning and contracts

1. Do you commission / contract for Professional Transport Services / Transport Consultancy support? Yes, Devon County Council (DCC) currently have professional services contracts in place with two suppliers. One contract is with our current private sector partner and another … Continue reading

Daily traffic flow data – Sweetbrier Lane

What I would like is details of what information was collected and when about the average daily traffic flow. The relevant traffic counts were undertaken at the junction of Sweetbrier Lane/Honiton Road. The first was undertaken in November 2014.  We … Continue reading