• Travellers at Sowton Park & Ride

    Having visited Sowton Park & Ride today (31st August 2023) I see there are travellers there as they were the last time I used this service. Having carefully read The signs there could you please tell me how many travellers … Continue reading

  • Council funded school transport

    Please advise: 1. The total number of children that the Council funded transport from home to school in the financial year 2022/23 and the total cost for all such children. The total average number of pupils transported each month during … Continue reading

  • Blue Badges

    Please can you provide answers to the following. 1. How many blue badge applications in total did you receive in: 1a. 2020 (1st Jan – 31st Dec)? 10,769. 1b. 2021 (1st Jan – 31st Dec)? 18,329. 1c. 2022 (1st Jan … Continue reading

  • Parking Services Telephone System

    This is a freedom of information request for: The number of times* the Parking Services’ system for leaving a message so that Parking Services can get back to you has been full so that no more messages can be recorded … Continue reading

  • BUS Forum Meetings

    As part of its Bus Service Improvement Plan DCC has set up a Bus Users and Stakeholders (BUS) forum, see para 5.2 of the Enhanced Partnership Scheme document. Although I have been told through the press office that no minutes … Continue reading

  • Dartmouth Bus Routes

    I would like to know who tended for the 90 92 93 in Dartmouth please and how much each quote was This information is partly provided on this Travel Devon webpage as required by the 1985 Transport Act: Bus Tender … Continue reading

  • Dryden Road Scheme

    What postal budget was allocated for the E9 Dryden Road Scheme?  We do not hold this information.  What were the postal costs expended on notifying local residents of the consultation and for the traffic regulation order consultation in November 2021?  … Continue reading