Taw Green, Okehampton planning documents

Archived planning documents for Taw Green, Okehampton: Coopers Cottage Taw Green Garage: F/3/26/2275/1994/8UNKNOWN Some time Between 1966 and 1971: Old Smithy, Taw Green boundary changes Coopers Cottage Dog Parlour: 6193/2004/OKE Mr&Mrs HORNER¬† Coopers Cottage Access across Common Land, year 2000 … Continue reading

New cycle lane on Sweetbrier Lane Exeter

When will the cycle lane be removed/fixed? The scheme will be discussed by Members at Exeter Highway and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) in October to decide whether further changes are needed. See also response below about the Committee meeting in … Continue reading

Planning Application DCC/4101/2018

I would like to see copies of all of the communications, or records of those communications if oral or electronic, between Devon County Council’s Planning Department and the applicants and/or their agent pertaining to Planning Application DCC/4101/2018 between the period … Continue reading

Dryden Road – traffic flow

Please can I have the following: – All vehicle flow data regarding monitoring undertaken in connection with the temporary Dryden Rd closure. – This should include all periods for all nodes in the network monitored, as daily (24h) traffic flows. … Continue reading