Planning department figures

How much has the council received in planning application fees in total for each of the last five financial years (2017/18 to 2021/22). This information is available on this¬†spreadsheet Can you provide the planning department budget for each of those … Continue reading

Levelling Up

Could you send me a copy of the application and any details that were submitted by DCC in the recent Levelling up Application (to DLUHC) in respect of Exmouth – Dinan Way Extension & Town Centre Improvement). I believe the … Continue reading

Planning Performance Agreements

Has Devon County Council ever entered into a Planning Performance Agreement (or similar) with any property developer (or their agents) whereby an agreement is made to dedicate the time of Council Officers and Staff to specific planning applications, to expedite … Continue reading

Planning Application DCC/4293/2022

I would like to see copies of all of text communications, and records (transcripts or contemporaneous notes) of oral or audio communications within, to or from Devon County Council’s Planning Department between 1st February 2022 and 1st June 2022 regarding … Continue reading

Planning Application DCC/4268/2021

Planning application DCC/4268/2021 was withdrawn by the applicant. Nonetheless, as you are the person who was in charge of writing and compiling the Council’s response/report on the application I’d like to request a copy of this report under the Freedom … Continue reading

Delayed planning applications

Please provide a list (in Excel format) of all planning applications submitted on or after 2nd October 2013 where no decision was made within 26 weeks (unless a longer period has/had been agreed in writing between the applicant and the … Continue reading

Planning Website Performance

I would be grateful if you could provide me with the internal records of the performance of Devon County Council’s (DCC’s) planning website, specifically the section where planning applications can be searched, documents viewed and downloaded, and comments/objections submitted. I … Continue reading