Waiting/stopping on Taxi ranks

Please confirm how many penalty charge notices have been issued by or on behalf of devon county council for the parking contravention of being stopped on a taxi rank since April 2008. This is penalty code 45. Nil. No penalty … Continue reading

Parking permits

1. How many parking permit zones/areas do you have in your council area for 2023? 22 towns – 69 individual areas 2. How many parking permit zones/areas did you have in your council area in 2013? 16 towns – 58 … Continue reading

Disputed parking fines

What is the average time in weeks of disputed parking fines being handed over to private enforcement agencies for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022? Devon County Council (DCC) does not hold this information. We believe that compliance with this … Continue reading

Parking Enforcers

1. How many parking enforcers are employed by Devon County Council (DCC)? DCC currently employ 30 full time equivalent civil parking enforcement officers. However, the design establishment is 45 full time equivalents, although this naturally varies due to vacancies that … Continue reading


Which councillor holds responsibility for parking in Exeter and what is their email address and contact details. Devon County Council does not hold this information because car parks in Exeter are the responsibility of Exeter City Council.

Blue Badges Approvals, Renewals and Declines

Please can you provide the following information relating to Blue Badges (Blue Badge parking permits issued under section 21, Disabled Persons Act) for your authority. 1. Number of new Blue Badges applications approved for the financial years 2020/2021 and 2021/2022. … Continue reading