Lists and registers

InformationDescriptionFrequency of publicationDetails of ChargesFormat of publication = web link unless otherwise specified. 
CCTVLocations of cameras operated by the CouncilAs requiredNo chargeTraffic cameras and CCTV
CommonsA register of public commons in DevonAnnualNo chargeWeb link
Contract registerOpportunities to tender for providing goods and services to the CouncilAs requiredNo chargeWeb link
Declaration of Members InterestsCounty Councillors are required to provide a record of their interests in a public register.As requiredNo chargeRegister of Member Interests 
District CouncilsContact information for all the District and Unitary Councils in DevonAs requiredNo chargeWeb link
FootpathsPublic Rights of Way (PROW) in the Devon County Council area.AnnualNo chargeWeb link
Freedom of Information Disclosure LogsResponses to requests made under the Freedom of Information legislation.As requiredNo chargeWeb link
HighwaysOur Highways network hierarchyAnnualNo chargeWeb link
LicencesLicences issued by the CouncilAs requiredNo chargeWeb link
MapsGeographical information about a range of council servicesAs requiredNo chargeMaps

Planning applications to the County Council


A list of planning applications handled by the County CouncilAs requiredNo chargeWeb link
Public land and buildingsLocations of our land and buildingsAs requiredNo chargeProperty Asset Register
Public registersHeld by the South West Heritage TrustAs requiredNo chargeWeb link
Public Rights of Way (PROW)The Definitive Map and supporting informationAs requiredNo chargePROW
Registers of Councillor Financial InterestsA list of Councillors and their declared financial interestsAnnualNo chargeWeb link
Register of births, deaths and marriagesHow to access the Council’s register of births, deaths and marriagesAnnualNo chargeWeb link
Register of electorsElectoral registers are managed and held by District and Unitary councilsAs requiredConfirm with relevant councilDistrict and Unitary Councils 
Register of gifts and hospitalityHow the Council records gifts and hospitalityAnnualNo chargePDF Document
Record Retention ScheduleHow long we keep information and whyAs required.No chargeRetention Schedule 
Road traffic collision dataRoad traffic accident casualty statistics and trends for the Devon County Council area.As requiredNo chargeCollision data 
Traffic ordersA list of current Traffic Regulation Orders throughout DevonAs requiredNo chargeWeb link
Treasury Solicitors dataPeople who have died with no next of kinQuarterlyNo chargeWeb link