Wellbeing budget

In response to Freedom of Information request 12681576, you confirmed that as a matter of policy, ‘eligible’ needs are always met. Your website says that all needs that have a ‘significant impact on wellbeing’ are always eligible. You therefore have to set a budget sufficient to meet all needs expected to have a significant impact on each individual’s wellbeing in order to meet your commitment.

Can you please provide the data you used to know the size of the budget sufficient to meet all needs expected to have a significant impact on wellbeing for 2022/23.

Given the reference to a previous  request reference 12681576 we have interpreted the enquiry as relating to Integrated Adult Social Care services, which at the time of budget setting, were known as Adult Care and Health services.

Please see the link below for our published annual budget book which shows the budget for Adult Care and Health services on page 40 onwards, along with information taken into account when setting the Adult Care and Health budget.

Budgets and expenditure | Devon County Council

The budget book contains further information throughout, that describes the information sources and considerations which inform the annual budget for the Council.

Please can we also refer you to the Council’s scrutiny process for the 2022/23 Adult Care and Health services, described and recorded at the webpage linked below:

Agenda for Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee on Thursday, 20th January, 2022, 10.00 am – Democracy in Devon

In the Joint Report of the Director of Finance, the Chief Officer for Adult Care and Health Services and the Director of Public Health titled: 2022/23 Budget (link below), you will find further information describing information taken into account when setting the budget. Section 3 sets out specifically the approach to how information and data sources are used in setting the budget.

Adult Care and Health Budget 22-23 Scrutiny Pack.pdf (devon.gov.uk)

Please note that the gross budget figures in the detailed budget tables of the scrutiny report will differ from the final published budget book due to a funding change affecting the gross budget, which was agreed between the date of scrutiny (20th January 2022) and before final budget approval in February.’