TRO vehicle and waiting restrictions – consultation and communications – Chard Road

1. I would like to a copy of the information sent to emergency services in respect to the proposed ‘Chard Road, Exeter, Prohibition of Vehicles and Waiting restrictions’ TRO and a copy of the responses from each organisation.

The information that was sent to the emergency services can be seen on this Devon County Council webpage.

No responses have been received from any of the emergency services in relation to this scheme.

2. For the recent consultation that concluded on the 20th May 2022 I would like to know the streets to which the notification postcards were sent and if any addresses were excluded from the mailing list, which they were or the number of addresses excluded to comply with privacy law.

All addresses on Chard Road, Nicholas Road and Lymeborne Avenue were contacted, without any exclusions.

3. I would like to know if it was only local Heavitree residents were directly invited to vote in any of the consultations regarding the Chard Road closure or if the council directly invited interest groups to vote too.

During November and December 2020 a public consultation was held which included questions around Chard Road on retaining/relocating the temporary closure.

Results of that consultation can be viewed on this Devon County Council webpage.

To promote the consultation key stakeholders were consulted:

  • Community organisations (and Churches) within Heavitree and Whipton
  • Businesses
  • Schools in the area
  • County Councillors and City Councillors
  • Community builders
  • Residents via press releases/ social media and social media adverts

The second phase of the Exeter Streets consultation was held in September and October 2021. In the consultation report, specific refence was made to the planned Chard Road TRO consultation. The consultation report is published on this Devon County Council webpage.

Similar to Phase 1 of the Exeter Streets consultation, residents of Heavitree and Whipton were made aware of the outcomes of the consultation via the same channels that were employed for Phase 1. In addition to this, 200+ residents who had requested to be kept in touch regarding scheme updates were also provided with a copy of the consultation outcomes.

The following groups were notified of the statutory consultation for the traffic regulation orders in Chard Road in April 2022

  • Properties on Chard Road, Lymeborne Avenue and Nicholas Road
  • Local County and City Council Councillors
  • Public Transport Operators
  • Emergency Services
  • Road Haulage Association
  • Internal Devon County Council staff