Tobacco Companies and Stop Smoking Services

1)      How much money is invested via council-operated pension funds in tobacco companies? I would like this information broken down by year for the past five financial years (2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17); and broken down by tobacco companies.

For example: “2012/13 British American Tobacco £24,550” 

The Investment and Pension Fund Committee of the Devon Pension Fund is independent of Devon County Council and acts on behalf of over 200 local employers and in the interests of over 100,000 individuals and their families who rely on the fund for their pension. The Committee regularly reviews its investment decisions (the latest review was earlier this year) to examine policy as regards tobacco companies.  Direct holdings in tobacco currently represents about 0.4 per cent of overall investments in the Fund.

Below are totals of the direct investment into tobacco stocks as at 31st March for the financial years 2012/13 to 2016/17, broken down via company.


British American Tobacco £5, 473,904.00

Phillip Morris £5, 446, 754.33


British American Tobacco £5, 809,570.00

 Phillip Morris £4,802,738.88


British American Tobacco £5,009,486.00

Japan Tobacco £3,191,479.14

Phillip Morris £4,392,711.35


British American Tobacco £ 5,873,240.00

Japan Tobacco £4,884,607.39

Phillip Morris £4,798,673.54


British American Tobacco £5,496,100.00

Japan Tobacco £5,400,866.40

Phillip Morris £4,505,346.08

2)      The level of funding for ‘Stop Smoking’ services provided by the council, over the previous five financial years (as above 2012-2017). For example: “2012/13 £1.26m” 

            The values spent on Stop Smoking Services (not including staff or tobacco control) are:

13/14     14/15              15/16                     16/17

£919k    £833.6k          £884.8k                 £1.262k

Tobacco control is the work done around controlling the use of tobacco – such as health promotion, smoke free alliance work, and joint working with other agencies around illicit tobacco etc

Does the council intend to continue running the Stop Smoking service in future years?

 I would appreciate just a short answer to this question indicating when, if at all, the service is due to end, and any further information on whether elements of the service are being maintained, e.g. for pregnant women.

Yes, we have no plans to cease support for stop smoking services although we will continue to develop and reshape our services according to local need.