Tenders and frameworks – social value weighting – 2021

I wish to receive the following information:

* The social value weighting applied in all above threshold tenders and frameworks issued in 2021 for contracts or frameworks. 

* The price and quality weightings used in the above contracts or frameworks. 

I do not require any personal of financial data. Note that neither contract awards or notices provide weighting on social value or detail quality/price weighting and so am unable to find these anywhere else.

I do not require the names of suppliers or any commercial information.

We can confirm the following:

Social Value Weighting:

Our procurement approach does not have a specific ‘social value’ weighting identified within the award criteria.  Social Value objectives are built into the procurement process in designing the schedule of requirements and embodying the ethos of Social Value into each element.  Social Value aspects are integrated into each quality question/award criteria area as relevant to the question subject matter therefore Social Value per se does not have a specific weighting assigned to it but is rather integral to the overall evaluation and not something that can be conveyed directly statistically.

Price and Quality weightings:

Above Threshold Services Contracts/Frameworks with Contract Notices Issued During 2021 
Title Contract Notice Publication Reference Type of Contract Award Criteria  
Quality Price
CP2099-21 Open Up To Skills 2021/S 000-018262 Services 70% 30%
CP2082-21 Devon County Council Corporate Grounds Maintenance Contract 2021/S 000-016542 Services 0% 100%
CP2100-21 IBMAIX Platform Services and Support 2021/S 000-025728 Services 65% 35%
CP2072-21 Term Service Contract for Traffic Signals and related equipment in Devon, Torbay and Plymouth. 2021/S 000-028815 Services 40% 60%
South West Collaborative Call-Off Framework Contract For Traffic Data Collection 2021- 2025 2021/S 000-007141 Services 0% 100%