Statutory Homeless Duty

I am interested in obtaining data on the discharge of the Council’s statutory homeless duty, particularly with reference to private rented sector; I understand that the council can fully discharge the housing duty towards an applicant by making a ‘private rented sector offer’ (PRSO) under s. 193 (7AA)-(7AC) of the Housing Act 1996 as amended by s. 148 (5)-(7) Localism Act 2011.

I understand that the offer of accommodation needs to be suitable, but does not require the applicant’s acceptance to be a valid offer. Therefore I would be interested to know:

(a) how many times the council have discharged their duty towards an applicant by making a PRSO, each month, since the enactment of the Localism Act 2011, and

(b) in how many instances this has followed the refusal of the offer by the applicant.

Devon County Council is not responsible for housing; therefore we do not hold this information.

District and Unitary Councils in Devon are responsible for housing, please contact them directly using the information on the link below