Road Sweeping and Waste Tipping

1) Do you operate your own fleet of vehicles or use third party contractors for the following functions?
a. Interceptor and drain (roads) cleaning
b. Road sweeping

Road sweeping is a function provided by District and Unitary councils in Devon.  However, Devon County Council does undertake road sweeping before and after certain highway maintenance works.  The Council’s Term Maintenance Contractor, Skanska Infrastructure Services, provide this service, including providing the necessary vehicles.

2) What quantities of the following wastes does your council generate per year;-
a. Interceptor waste (tons per year)
b. Road sweeping waste (tons per year)

Information not held by Devon County Council.

3) Does your council offer facilities for third parties to tip these wastes at a council owned/run depot?
a. If yes, please can you advise a contact name, phone number, email address and depot details
b. If no, please answer question 4 below

Devon County Council owned highway depots are leased to Skanska Infrastructure Services as part of the Term Maintenance Contract. The County Council does not offer facilities to third parties to tip waste at its depots.  All the depots have waste transfer exemption certificates.

A Highway Depots List is provided including addresses and the name of the DCC premises manager.  The contact number for all listed individuals is 01392 383000 (when prompted, please say the name of the person you wish to speak to). 

4) If the council does not own or operate such depots, please can you advise where you dispose of such waste?
a. A list of company name(s) and depot detail(s) are enough here

Information not held by Devon County Council.