Road Safety Inspections Bovey Tracey

I am writing to request information under the Freedom of Information Act relating to a road your authority is responsible for maintaining.
Specifically, my query relates to the ref: W181126092 at Brimley Lane, Bovey Tracey.
Please can you send me:

• A copy of your current road maintenance policy relating to that road. Please send me the full policy, but this should include details of the intended frequency of road safety inspections, how these inspections should be conducted and the maximum time between identification of a defect and repairs being carried out.

A copy of the full policy can be viewed online at:

With reference to this policy, we can confirm that:

• The carriageway maintenance hierarchy for this road is: ‘8 Minor Collector Road’.
• This road’s inspection frequency is 12 Monthly.
• Carriageway inspections of this road will be Driven.
• As per page 4 of Devon County Council’s Highway Safety Policy version 6.0:
“The safety inspection regime uses a risk assessment process as recommended in the National Code of Practice to determine the degree of risk a defect which meets an investigation criterion impacts upon highway users. The result of this assessment defines an appropriate response which will either be:
Category 1: – make safe or repair by end of next working day.
Category 2: – (high risk) make safe or repair within 7 days.
Category 3: – (medium risk) repair within 28 days.
Category 4: – (low risk) consider an appropriate response including no further action/monitor.

2) A copy of the road repair history for that road over the past year. Again, please send me the full road repair history, but this should include:
– dates of all safety inspections between 10.3.18 to 10.5.18.

• There were no highway safety inspections during this time. Prior to the date of your request, the last highways safety inspection of this road was undertaken on the 28th July 2017

3) Details of how safety inspections were undertaken (walked or driven, speed of inspection vehicle etc)

• Carriageway safety inspections are driven, with two persons in the vehicle – the passenger being a qualified inspector. The vehicle will travel at a speed appropriate to the road category and environment to allow for defect logging – there is no set speed criteria for inspection vehicles.

– details of all carriageway defects identified, with description, date and time
– details of how the authority handled these defects, what repairs were undertaken and the time between the identification of each defect and a repair being carried out.”

In the last year, we have recorded one highway defect which need attention, please see the attached table for details: