Paper and electronic records management – policy, storage and retention

1. An electronic copy of any policies, procedures or guidance which you issue to staff in relation to the management of both paper and electronic files.
Please find hyperlinks below, to the Council’s guidance, policies and procedures covering paper and electronic files;

Document and Records Management
Paper Records Storage
Records Management

2. Do you use an onsite or offsite paper records storage facility or a 3rd party provider (like Iron Mountain)?


3. If you use an offsite storage facility like Iron Mountain or other, how do ensure that all departments coordinate the collection and retrieval of paper files to ensure the highest efficiency is achieved and to reduce transport cost?

Please see the response to Question 2.

4. Does your Council store planning files in offsite storage?


5. How do you manage requests from members of the public for paper files in offsite storage?

We do not normally receive requests of that nature – we receive requests under Data Protection or Freedom of Information legislation for the personal data of the requester or for information about a particular subject. The requester will not necessarily know what format the information is kept in, or the storage facility.

6. Do you charge for files request from members of the public?


7. Please send me a copy of the application form used for file requests (if applicable)?

The Council’s subject access request form is available online via the link provided.

8. How do you track paper files which have been removed from storage?

The Council’s approach to tracking paper files is detailed on the Inside Devon website and can be viewed via the link provided.

9. Please send me a copy of any guidance relating to the transfer and retrieval of paper records from your records management provider?

The Council does not have a single records management provider. As such, we do not hold this information.

10. Please send me a copy of any email bulletins or intranet news and/or notices pertaining to the transfer of paper records to onsite or offsite records storage facility.

We do not hold this information.

11. How do you ensure departments do not keep paper files which are past their retention period ?

All services are required to comply with the Council’s Records Management Policy and are responsible for ensuring that appropriate processes and procedures are in place to manage the retention of paper files as with all other formats of information. This is not monitored centrally.

12. Given the current COVID pandemic have you implemented or modified any existing practices in relation to the transfer of paper files, bankers box, etc.?