Oaklands Drive, Dawlish Footways Defects and Inspections

“For Oaklands Drive, Dawlish, follow on from Response to previous Freedom of Information  Request.  Please provide a full report with a map to identify locations and full definitions of what constitutes the various defects mentioned. Also, full details of the work done and in exactly what manner.

Furthermore, please provide similar full disclosures for the inspections of 2017, 2016 and 2015.

Details of Defects Recorded on Oaklands Drive, Dawlish and the immediate surrounding area dating back to 2015 are provided.  Defect references containing hyphens are those that have been logged on routine highway safety inspections. Those that do not are generally from public reports.  The location of each defect is shown on the associated map.  It is not possible to filter out inspection types (i.e. separate footway from carriageway) more than as is included within this report.

Safety defect definitions are published in our Highways Safety Policy.

May we see every such incident report for this Estate for the last five years and details of what actions, if any, that were taken?

Please refer to the report provided above for incident reports for this Estate since 1 January 2015.

We are unable to supply details of what action has been taken under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 – ‘Cost of Compliance’.  Defect completion comments prior to 2019 are only available within the term maintenance contractor’s systems, and to extract and marry up this information with our own records for each defect would require manual cross-referencing between both systems so as to extract completion comments.  We anticipate that this would take in the region of 10 minutes per defect.  There are 215 footway defects logged for the time period specified, so we anticipate this would take in the region of 36 hours to achieve which exceeds the time limit of 18 hours (equivalent to £450) which public authorities are required to spend responding to Freedom of Information requests.

However, should you wish to refine this part of your request to fall within the time limit as outlined above (for example by limiting the request to a shorter time-scale), then we would be happy to review your request.

There was also a report drawn up last month, July 2019, by Simon Pearson from Highways. May I have a copy, with the related location map, to identify the present defects under discussion?”

We think you are referring to a meeting held with the Oaklands Drive Residents’ Association in July.  The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the condition of the estate from a highways perspective, and agree the areas of footway considered highest priority for future maintenance works.  No report was drawn up, but during the meeting, a rough plan was prepared – Oaklands Footway Section Priority, which is provided. This marks a priority rating for the various sections of footway to assist in designing future works.