Levelling up fund and bids – 2021

1. How many bids did you submit for Round 1 Levelling Up Funding, by the deadline of midday 18 June 2021?

Devon County Council submitted one bid as lead authority.

2. How many of these bids submitted for Round 1 Levelling Up Funding were rejected?


3. For each bid:

* Was it an individual bid, package bid or joint bid with another LA?

The bid had support from East Devon District Council, but Devon County Council was the lead Local Authority.

* If joint bid please specify the other LA / LAs

Not applicable.

* If joint bid which LA was the lead LA?

Not applicable.

* What was the value of capital grant being requested from the UK Government (Section 3c of the Levelling Up Fund Application Form)?


* How much of the bid was themed as Transport / Regeneration and Town Centre / Cultural (Section 3d of the Levelling Up Fund Application Form)? Please express these as a percentage, as per the application form.

Regeneration and town centre: 15%

Transport: 85%

* Was the bid formally supported by an MP as a priority bid (Section 4.1a of the Levelling Up Fund Application Form)? If so, which MP and constituency?

Yes, Simon Jupp, MP for East Devon.

* Was the bid given ‘wider MP (non-priority MP support)’ as described in Levelling Up Technical Note, Table 1 – Stakeholder Engagement and Support? If so, which MP or MPs and constituency/constituencies?


The whole bid document is available on Devon County Council’s Transport Planning webpages under ‘East Devon’.