Hold Music and Recorded Messages

I would like a breakdown of the total cost to the council over each of the last five financial years (2021/22; 2020/21; 2019/20; 2018/19; 2017/18) for the following:

1. Recorded messages on the council’s telephone services (including a brief description of what was recorded)

The maintenance contract for our main contact centre and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution with Netcall provides the council with an annual allowance for messaging and prompt recording by their recording artist.  For the years listed the council have not exceeded the allowance and no additional charge incurred.

2. On-hold music used on the council’s telephone services (including details of song names and artists) 

Devon County Council can confirm the hold music used is a royalty free composition and the CD cover detailing song names and artists can be found on this akm music webpage. This is the only music on hold music that is played on central corporate telephony platforms.  Most contact centres use one track however our main public contact centre switch tracks every couple of months.