Flood Defence Spend

Information on total annual spend for the following –

* Flood defences – broken down by type and annual spend per type

The annual expenditure on flood defences is £950k revenue and £250k capital, including all staff costs to deliver the functions of the Lead Local Flood Authority, proactive and reactive studies, investigations and scheme development and delivery. However, to support the delivery of varied flood improvement works an element of the revenue budget is capitalised as required. This can be in the order of £400k – £500k. There are currently no maintenance responsibilities for the Flood Risk Management team, although with the construction of new flood defence assets an element for maintenance will need to be allocated, in the future, from the available budget.

Additional budget through the Flood Defence Grant from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs in Aid and/or Local Levy (administered by the South West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee) is also requested to further support the delivery of flood defence works, subject to approval of a robust business case. This value, as with the revenue to capital contribution, will vary depending on the number and scale of projects being delivered. For 2018/19 this is in the region of £1million and £150k respectively.

The Annual Action Plan, showing the prioritised expenditure for the current year, is published on Devon County Council’s Flood Risk Management web pages: https://www.devon.gov.uk/floodriskmanagement/local-flood-risk-management-strategy/

* Temporary roadways/paths – broken down by type and annual spend per type
* Ground protection and temporary access solutions currently used
* Contact details of whom deals with ground protection and temporary roadways

The County Council does not specify or arrange temporary roadways/paths, ground protection and temporary access solutions.
If any such temporary works are necessary to construct a highway scheme this would be a decision made by the individual contractor commissioned to provide the scheme and priced within the price or rates for undertaking the highway works.
We therefore do not hold specific information on annual spend on these items.
The contact details would be the individual contractor undertaking any such scheme.