Councillor Allowance and SRA’s

Can you provide me with a schedule (in Excel format preferably) clearly showing ALL the member allowances and SRA’s paid between 2013 and 2023 to all serving and previous members in each financial year (21013 to 2023) together with each member’s ‘Travelling and Subsistence claim’ total for each of the same financial years as above. The data should clearly show what member was paid which allowance for which role they held ie member, cabinet member, committee Chair etc. Can you also provide the data to summarise the total allowances paid to each member over the period 2013 to 2023 (annotating accordingly where members did not re-stand or were unelected during that same period)?

Can you also provide a tabulated summary of the basic member allowance and SRA’s showing the percentage increase year-on-year? Thank you.

Please do not provide links to Out-Turn reports or weblinks. Data in a tabular /XL form output will be much appreciated.

This information is exempt from disclosure under Section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act as it is considered information that is already reasonably accessible. You can find information relating to Councillor allowances and expense on our website Councillor allowances and expenses – Facts and Figures ( Information up to year 2019/20 can be downloaded in a CSV file which will enable you to calculate the percentage increases. Information for more recent years can be found on the Revenue and Capital Outrun page which is linked from the above page.

Information from 2022/2023 is not held as the financial year accounting has not fully closed. When the information is available it will be published in the Revenue and Capital Outrun reports as linked to above.