Council Owned Buildings and Land

Please provide the total number of buildings and plots of land owned by the authority.

DCC has 2762* building and plots of land.  These buildings are spread over 838 different sites

* This information relates to where DCC hold the freehold title, however the site/building may be subject to extension lease terms i.e. Academy schools

Please provide the date on which it was purchased, the amount it was purchased for, the person or organisation from whom it was purchased and a current-day valuation of the asset.

Devon County Council believe compliance with this request would exceed the appropriate costs limit under section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which is £450 or 18 hours of officer time. The information would need to be collected from various sources, and each deed pack checked for each item.

In the interests of providing advice and assistance, we can tell you that the total asset value is c£370M.  This valuation is for asset valuation purposes and does not reflect a marketable value of the site/building, therefore some sites or buildings will have a zero value. Marketable value is carried out on an establishment basis as required ie for marketing purposes.