Council Expenditure

Thank you for the recent council tax bill for 2018/2019.

I have set up a payment schedule as I have done so in years gone by, but do have a question.

I have looked at the the breakdown of the bill, as once again it has risen, although residents get nothing more for their money, so, whilst looking through the breakdown, I notice that the largest part of the bill is swallowed up by the sum of £1107.92 for DCC General Expenditure.

As this is a large part of the bill, please can you supply me with a breakdown of your term ‘ General Expenditure’. I would be grateful to see where the/my £1100+ is going

For clarification the council tax bill will have been sent to you by your local city or district council who collect council taxes.

In relation to the request for information regarding DCC General Expenditure, Devon County Council publishes its full accounts every year and this can be found online.   Information is available at the following links: