CCTV cameras – numbers of

The number of CCTV cameras operated by your local authority. I would like the data for each of the last two years with a year-end 31 March, or whichever year end is most convenient. If you cannot provide two years of data, then please provide the last year of data.We are just looking for any CCTV camera that the council operates including buildings etc.

The location of traffic cameras is published on the public webpage linked to below. There is one camera at each location, making a total of 45.

Traffic Cameras

We have CCTV at several council buildings, including County Hall, Great Moor House and Ivybridge in Exeter and at other locations such as recycling centres and at Stover Country Park. However, we do not hold information on the total number of cameras at those locations. Recycling centres, owned or leased by Devon County Council operate at least one each, but the responsibility for supply, installation and use is that of the centre operator.

To provide advice and assistance please also view our response to another request – CCTV Contracts and Suppliers