Bulliver Bridge

Please supply me with the following:
1.The total cost of the bridge.

We do not hold information on the final costs of the bridge as it was not built by Devon County Council. We do hold a figure of £200,000 for historic costs”

2. The proportion of that total cost provided by the organisations below :

Rural Development Commission – £40K
South Hams District Council – £10K
Devon County Council – £10K
British Rail Community Unit – £10K
Countryside Commission – £10K
Dartmoor National Park – £10K

3. All information held by Devon County Council on the status of the bridge, which has affected public rights of way over the bridge since the bridge was built in 1993. As such please include all details of any orders with dates.

The bridge is not a recorded public right of way.

4. All additional documents held by Devon County Council which outlines obligations and dispensations of any party involved, including the owner(s), specific to the bridge and relevant to public access to the bridge.

We have no documents or records of any form of agreement or conditions imposed on the funding we gave and we therefore do not hold this information.