This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act. I would like to you send me all documents produced since June 2016 by members or staff of your council, or consultancy advice to the council, containing analysis of the impact of Brexit on your area or on your services and operations.

The Council has examined the potential impacts of Brexit on the county’s economy. That information was reported to the Council’s Corporate Infrastructure, Regulatory Services Scrutiny Committee at its meeting on 31 January 2018 and is available here:

Given the size of the council, the complexity of planning for and assessing the impacts of Brexit, the sheer number of emails and other documentation generated by council officers and technical search capabilities we are unable to provide further information.  We have estimated that the work involved to search for, locate, retrieve and process potentially thousands of emails and further documents would take in excess of the 18 hours specified under the Freedom of Information Act Section 12 Cost of Compliance. Therefore this information is exempt. However, if you could narrow down your requirement either by date range or service type or both we may be able to investigate further.