Active Travel Fund documents – 2021-2023

Please supply all documents submitted by Devon County Council to the Department of Transport in response to its 14 June 2021 invitation to apply for Active Travel Fund Local Authority Capital Funding for 2021-23 (tranche 3) and submit expressions of interest for Mini Hollands and the GP Prescribing Pilot.

I expect this to include but not necessarily be limited to:

– bid proformas
– updated LCWIPs (if applicable)
– information on Devon County Council’s investment priorities for cycling and walking infrastructure schemes over the next 1 year, 4 years and 10 years
– details of schemes for which funding was sought
– scheme value for money assessment details
– details of any expression of interest in the government’s Mini-Hollands development programme

as per the 14 June 2021 bid invitation letter from the Department for Transport.

The requested information is linked below:

In addition the below are links to relevant Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) and Cabinet meetings:

Please also supply any road safety audits conducted in connection with these schemes.

Please note that any redactions made to the documents provided have been made in line with Regulation 13(1) of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 relating to personal information.