Active and sustainable travel

Can you please confirm whether the Council has applied for (or is planning to apply for) any Government funding relating to active and sustainable travel (e.g. walking and cycling)?

The County Council applied for Emergency Active Travel Fund tranche 1 on 5th June 2020 and tranche 2 funding on 7th August 2020.

* If so, can you please confirm whether you have been successful in accessing funds and how much has been awarded?

Tranche 1 secured £338,000 (this was 100% of what Department for Transport had indicatively allocated the County Council). We await a decision on the tranche 2 funding submission, which had a Department for Transport indicative allocation of £1.3m.

* Please confirm if the council has any plans in place on how to use this funding?

Tranche 1 funding and proposals have now been either delivered or committed. We are awaiting Government’s decision on the tranche 2 funding bid; however, should we be successful, details of what this will be spent on can be seen online at: Tranche 2

* Please confirm the individual and department (name and job title) responsible and how we can potentially contact them to discuss further?

Jamie Hulland, Transportation Strategy and Road Safety Manager. Email:

any other relevant information held by your organization regarding this request.

If tranche 2 is successful, design (already in progress) is being carried out by our in-house engineering design group with top-up through our Transport Engineering Professional Services framework (WSP) and likely delivery through our minor works framework.