Social Care Fee Rates


“Please provide information in relation to the following:

Fee rates (£s)

What was the lowest rate (£ per week) you paid for placing a person in your area for 2017/18 and 2018/19. Please disregard Funding Nursing Care (FNC) from these calculations. 

Fee Rates – Older People (65+) FY2017/18   FY2018/19
Residential Dementia      
Nursing (excl. FNC)      
Nursing Dementia (excl. FNC)      


Fee Rates – Working Aged Adults (18-64) FY2017/18 FY2018/19
Nursing (excl. FNC)    


Please see table provided below with regards to the rates for 2017/18.  Please note that the categories reflect individual assessed need and not diagnosis.  Devon County Council (DCC) does not identify Dementia as a separate category.  Please also note that these rates represent those for residents aged 65+ and those aged 18-64.  DCC does not hold separate rates for working age adults.  Our approach to care home fees is based on need rather than age or service user group:-

Standard Enhanced

Standard +


Enhanced + nursing
£ per resident per week £ per resident per week £ per resident per week £ per resident per week
Banded rates for 2017/18 (rounded to nearest whole £) excluding Funded Nursing Care £485.00 £519.00 £519.20 £546.20

The banded rates are an inclusive price and apply to all care homes.  Where an exceptional individual need is assessed and agreed an additional targeted payment may be made specific to meeting that need. A market premium may be payable if market conditions require it to meet the person’s assessed needs.

In order to provide advice and assistance I can confirm that our rates can be viewed at the following links:

Paying for care

Rates for 2018/19 can be found here:-

Please note the change of fee model that took effect from June 2018.  The banded fees now only apply to people placed before that date.