Digital Innovation Projects

1. Please provide a copy of your most up to date digital strategy document or link.

Digital Devon

ICT Strategic Roadmap 2020 – Investing in your Digital Transformation

2. What budget is the council setting aside to invest in innovation in 2020/21, 2021/22, 2022/23?

Devon County Council’s Budget Books

Within the Budget Book for 2019/20, you will see the budget for the ICT Roadmap up to 2020.

Devon County Council’s Finance Team set annual revenue budgets and are just starting the budget setting process for 2020/21.  This is due to be signed off by Cabinet in February 2020. As we do not yet have a 2020-2022 Roadmap, the Council’s Information Technology Team have not started to build any financial bid for digital innovation.  Information is, therefore, not held.

3. Please list all the digital innovation projects the Council will be working on from 2020-2023.

We do not hold this information.

4. Please name the partners you are working with to deliver these projects?

We do not hold this information.

5. Who is responsible for digital transformation in your organisation?

Rob Parkhouse is the Council’s Head of Digital Transformation and Business Support.