Head of Digital Transformation and Business Support – £94,546

Rob Parkhouse picture Rob Parkhouse is Head of Digital Transformation and Business Support.

Role and responsibilities

Rob has a lead role in driving digital developments across the organisation for the benefit of citizens and staff, ensuring we make the most of technology.

Rob is specifically responsible for a range of services that are critical for the smooth running of the County Council, enabling all of us to work more efficiently; is fundamental to ensuring that the County Council’s key resources are prioritised to meet organisational demand and ensuring that the County Council’s statutory and legislative responsibilities are both supported and discharged.

As such it covers a range of functions that are critical to supporting frontline service delivery including Information and Communications Technology, Property Asset Strategy, Procurement Services, Land and Property Management (including the County Farms Estate), Facilities Management, Business Support (both Front line and back office support), Customer Services Centre, Customer Relations, Information Governance, Digital Transformation and Cyber Security.


Rob joined Devon County Council in 1988, specialising in wide area networking following five years working in ICT at Devon and Cornwall Police.

Appointed to Head of ICT in 2006, Rob picked up extra responsibility for property and procurement in 2010 when a restructure saw him appointed to the post of Head of Infrastructure.

In his current post as Head of Business Strategy and Support, Rob now has additional responsibility for customer relations, information governance, business services and business support.

Changes to the structure due to the leadership structure due autumn 2016.

See the direct reports for Head of Digital Transformation and Business Support below:

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Rob’s direct reports are: (please note that the links below are intended for Devon County Council staff only and are therefore not publicly available)

  • Justin Bennetts
  • Debbie Foweraker
  • Gary Dempster
  • Matthew Jones

Please note that due to the implementation of a new HR system the links to structure charts are not currently available. We are working on a new process in order to be able to provide this information again.