Budgets and spend on contractors and in house services

For the years 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 Please can you tell me:
– The full budget of the authority

Budgets for 2012 -2013 – 2018 – 2019 

Additional information can also be found in our Statements of Account 

– The amount paid to external contractors or agencies for the provision of council services (IE: services which were once provided by council employees.
– The amount spend on services provided in house

We do not classify, analyse or record spend in this way and do not hold the total cost of services that were provided in house that are now provided by external contractors or the total amount on services provided in house.

We do hold information about amounts over £500 paid to individual external organisations including voluntary groups and this information is available online

This data will not indicate if they are payments for services previously provided in house.

For the financial year 2017-18 please also provide a list of the council’s external contractors who provide a service for or on behalf of the council (by such a service I mean one which was or may have previously been provided by employees of the council)
If this information is not accessible in a way that determine spending on contractors for council services, please provide a full list of the council’s contractors.

In this list (shown in my table attached) please include:
– The company name of the contractor
– A description of the service provided (I have provided three rows to be compatible with typical transactional reports)
– The value of the contract

Devon County Council’s awarded contracts are found on the Contract Register that is on the Supplying the South West Procurement Portal. 
The Contract Register can be filtered by organisation as this portal is for councils in the South West and the results can also be exported to excel.