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Supporting Ukraine

Team Devon working together to provide safe 'Homes for Ukraine'
Ukrainian: Партнери Devon працюють разом, щоб забезпечити безпечні домівки для українців
Russian: Партнеры Devon работают вместе, чтобы обеспечить безопасные дома для украинцев

Learning English


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All Ukrainian adults arriving through the Homes for Ukraine Scheme will be eligible to join English classes run by local colleges and by Learn Devon.

In addition, there are several community organisations in Devon that organise free English classes and conversation groups led by local volunteers.

Note: In UK, English classes are often known as EOSL classes, this stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Are you interested in volunteering to help teach English to refugees?

We want to build a network of volunteer English teachers around the county so that we can help to support refugees, even in rural areas. Experienced teachers are particularly welcome.

If you are interested in getting involved, or are already part of a local community initiative, please get in touch by emailing

Online resources for sponsors and guests

Devon County Council will be working with all providers to coordinate support and ensure that all Ukrainian refugees who come to Devon are able to access English language learning opportunities.

As well as attending local classes, many Ukrainians arriving in Devon will want to study English at home and many sponsors will be keen to help. We will provide:

  • signposting to teaching and learning resources (see below)
  • advice and guidance on learning English and supporting language learning
  • access to training opportunities for sponsors

Open University

Take a look at the free online resources being offered by The Open University.


Preply is an online commercial platform where you can find private online language teachers in many languages. The company is matching Ukrainian refugees with private tutors who are offering free online English classes.

Learning English – beginner level

These resources can provide a start to learning English for Ukrainian or Russian speakers:

Learning English – intermediate level

The following resources provide resources for improving your English at an intermediate or more advanced level for Ukrainian or Russian speakers:

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is an international programme, run by the British Council, that enables people to learn English. Their website has a large range of learning materials for students and teachers, for example:

English classes in Devon

Learn Devon

Learn Devon provides a wide range of English learning courses for adults.

Further education colleges

Voluntary and community sector English classes

Devon is fortunate to have a wide range of voluntary sector organisations providing English language classes, conversation groups and other learning opportunities.