Frequently asked questions

These questions and answers are being updated as we receive more information.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

  • I already have a DBS, why do I need another?

    Not all DBS checks are the same or may be out of date. To ensure the safety of Ukraine guests we require all adults over 16 in the household, or another property being offered by the Lead Sponsor, to undergo an enhanced DBS check.

  • Do my Ukrainian guests require a DBS check?

    No. Ukrainian guests are not required to undergo a DBS check. Some sponsors have listed Ukraine nationals on their DBS form but these applications will be archived and not processed.

  • If the DBS check shows I have a criminal record, will I be able to be a sponsor and host Ukraine guests?

    Devon County Council will treat Sponsors who have a criminal record fairly and will not discriminate because of a conviction, or other information revealed. Possession of a criminal record will not automatically prevent you from being a sponsor with the Homes for Ukraine scheme. As part of the process, such information will only be considered in light of its relevance to the sponsorship role for which you are applying.

    If you have concerns about what might appear on your DBS Certificate, the UK government provide information on conviction information which will be ‘filtered out’.

  • I have filled in the form with other members of my household, why have they not been able to start their DBS check?

    Please be aware that the DBS check, the video call and any follow-up checks on additional members of the household will not happen instantly. If you have filled the form in with contact details a member of the team will be in touch, please be patient.

    We are working through a considerable number of lead sponsors plus additional members of households, and whilst we are moving as quickly as we can, there will be a delay. Further information and updates will be published on this website as we have them.

  • Is the DBS check holding up the visa application for my Ukraine guest(s)?

    We have received reassurance from DLUHC that the DBS check process is not a requirement for issuing a visa and the associated permission to travel, and the DBS may well be completed after any Ukraine nationals arrive.

  • Do I need to notify my insurance company if I provide accommodation?

    The Association of British Insurers has said:

    If you are a homeowner in the UK and want to temporarily house refugees who have been displaced from the conflict in Ukraine as non-paying guests in your home, you do not need to inform your insurer and your cover will remain the same. This applies for the first 12 months of any refugees living with you, including when your policy is due for renewal. After 12 months, if any refugees are still living with you, then you should tell your insurer when you next renew your policy.

    Customers should be aware of any existing terms that might apply to non-paying guests within their insurance policy and contact their insurer if they wish to discuss their cover or other changes in circumstances. Some insurers have committed to extending cover to include refugees as members of a household.

    If homeowners wish to house refugees displaced from the conflict in Ukraine in their second homes, guest homes or rental properties, or for longer than 12 months at their primary residence, they should discuss this with their insurer in the first instance.

  • Do I need to notify my insurance company if I volunteer as a driver?

    The Association of British Insurers has said:

    If you want to use your private vehicle to transport goods around the UK to aid in the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, most customers will not need to inform their insurer and their cover will not be impacted.