Start page

Transactional or complex forms should begin with a start page. Start pages are designed to offer a user an overview of:

  • what transaction they are completing
  • how many pages or sections the form has
  • what information they may need to provide in order to complete the transaction

Each start page should consist of:

  • the name of the service
  • a short introduction
  • the number of pages/sections
  • a start button or call to action
  • additional information

Below is an example of what a start page should contain.

Book your appointment

Book your appointment to register a birth.
This form has: 6 pages

Start now

Before you start
You will need to know:

  • Where the child/children were born
  • The child/childrens’ date of birth
  • The mother’s full name

You can also book an appointment by phoning 0345 155 1002.

Further supporting information about start pages can be found on the GDS website