Page functionality

Screen orientation

Do not fix orientation, it becomes an issue for people who cannot turn their screen

Hover or popup content

  • Dismissable
    Open and close buttons should be in the same place – accessible with moving the mouse or keyboard cursor
  • Hoverable
    Ensure additional content that appears on hover doesn’t disappear when your mouse moves from the button or trigger to the content being displayed
  • Persistent
    The additional content remains visible until the hover or focus trigger is removed, the user dismisses it, or its information is no longer valid.


Ensure that if a timeout exists, users are made aware or are giving a prompt if it’s about to expire. This is a AAA requirement though but helpful nonetheless.


Flashing is generally a bad idea. It can cause all sorts of issues, from seizures to motion sickness. If you absolutely must have a flashing element there are a few things to consider.

  • Look for elements that contain flashing
    • Scrolling or blinking text
    • Scrolling or blinking page elements
    • Videos that contain flickering or flashing
    • GIFs that contain flickering or flashing
  • Check if you can determine the frequency of “flashing.”
  • Check that the rate of flashing is less than 3 Hz (3 times a second), or scroll delay is set to >= 400.


  • Avoid using inline javascript, opt for linking to javascript in and include document
  • Provide alternatives for users who do not have JavaScript enabled and for environments where JavaScript is unavailable.

Input Modalities

  • Pointer gestures
    Create alternative ways to navigate functionality where gestures are used – for example – pinch and zoom should have alternative buttons to do the same functions (Mapping)
  • Pointer cancellation
    Do not use the click down event to run any function