Button text

Button text should be short and describe the action the button performs.

Action buttons and call to action banners

Action buttons like ‘Start now’ or ‘call to action’ banners should include a chevron that points to the right. Buttons that open further content should have a chervron that points downwards.

Primary and secondary actions

Primary and secondary action buttons should should have a clear colour distinction. It is preferred that the secondary action buttons use lighter colours. Primary action buttons should appear first.

Button alignment

To maintain continuety within a site, all buttons that are part of a form, list item or grouping of content should use a standardised alignment (left or right).

Note: Groups of buttons that offer multiple actions should sit together.

Button size and spacing

Sizing and spacing of buttons should take into account touch devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Buttons should be sized and spaced sufficiently to avoid users accidentally pressing incorrect options.