When to use

The DCC GEL (Global Experience Language) has been created to offer continuity across all core services, whilst still maintaining a level of flexibility for a site’s design. All websites should have the GEL included unless authorised by the Digital Delivery Team

The GEL is designed to appear in the header and footer of a site, offering links to core services and information.

An example or the GEL header and footer can be seen on this page

How to implement

To apply the GEL to a site you will need to include or link to the following two files.

CSS (to go in the header): https://www.devon.gov.uk/core-gel/gel.css

Javascript (ideally in the footer): https://www.devon.gov.uk/core-gel/gel.min.js

Activating the GEL

Add the below function to activate the GEL

<script type="text/javascript" >

Variables to update the links in the black footer bar

  // These are the defaults.
  email: "test@devon.gov.uk",
  number: "01392 383000",
  // Leave the below blank to use default urls
  accessibility_link: 'https://www.url.gov.uk/',
  cookie_link: 'https://www.url.gov.uk/',
  privacy_link: 'https://www.url.gov.uk/',
  copyright_link: 'https://www.url.gov.uk/',
  security_link: 'https://www.url.gov.uk/',
  disclaimer_link: 'https://www.url.gov.uk/',
  // Other settings
  partial: false,
  // Defines the max width of the GEL's content - 960, 'full', 1200, 1440
  width: 1200, 
  sticky_footer: true,