Confirmation pages

What is a confirmation page

A confirmation page should be displayed at the end of a form transaction, letting the user know that they have completed all related tasks and what will happen next.

What should be displayed

A confirmation page should include:

  • Confirmation of form completion.
  • A reference number (if relevant).
  • Details of what should happen next.
  • Contact details for the service.
  • Links to further information (were relevant).
  • A prompt to provide feedback to the service.
  • A way of saving a record or transaction (transactional forms only).

Below is an example of how this should be displayed:

Booking completed

Your booking reference number is: HDJ12345

What happens next?

Your referral will be passed on to the appropriate Care Direct Plus team to follow up.

They may be in contact to confirm any further information and will make contact with individual you have referred via this form.

What did you think about this service? (takes 30 sections)

When not to use

For smaller contact or registration forms that are designed for a quick transaction flow, displaying a confirmation message above will be sufficient. Confirmation messages should still include the following:

  • Confirmation of form completion.
  • Details of what should happen next.