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Freedom of Information and General Data Protection Regulations



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Information and details submitted as part of this application will not be shared outside of DCC, unless confirmed in advance with the applicant. Please see our privacy notices for more information on how we handle personal information:

Flood and Coastal Risk Management

Natural Environment (Landscape and Ecology)

Historic Environment

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI Act 2000) and Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR 2004), details of pre-application advice will not be available for public inspection. However, the County Council may be required to supply information relating to pre-application discussions to any party making an FOI or EIR information request. You must therefore, when sending a pre-application request which you believe to be confidential, supply a covering letter or respond on request form setting out the reasons why, and for what period, any information you provide relating to the enquiry, needs to remain confidential.

Where this has been provided, in handling any requests for information held by the County Council we may accept the justification for confidentiality, and will make every effort, in so far as the FOI Act 2000 and EIR 2004 allow, to ensure that the information you provide is “inaccessible” in the sense of not being in the public domain, or a matter of public knowledge. However, the passage of time may mean that the information is no longer sufficiently sensitive to be considered confidential.