Current and past appeals

Planning application referenceAppeal referenceDate appeal acceptedDescription and locationDecision date
DCC/3739/2015APP/J1155/W/15/313301927/08/2015Refusal of planning permission for installation of anaerobic digestion plant and ancillary development (including bunding, hardstanding and hardening part of access from highway)Appeal allowed 02/12/2015
ENF/0283/2014 and DCC/3670/2014APP/J1155/C/2227081 and APP/J1155/W/14/222889413/11/2014 and restarted 26/07/2014

Enforcement appeal

Change of use from waste wood and UPVC processing to include processing and storage of plasterboard at Wood Yew Waste, Unit 50 Greendale Business Park, Exeter, Woodbury Salterton, EX5 1EW

Planning appeal

Variation of condition 3 of planning permission 14/0635/CM to allow shredding, size reduction treatment and mechanical sorting to take place outside the building at Wood Yew Waste, Unit 50 Greendale Business Park, Exeter, Woodbury Salterton, EX5 1EW.

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In progress
DCC/3316/2011APP/J1155/A/13/219106225/01/2013Refusal of planning permission for construction of storage lagoon at Little Pulworthy, Highhampton, Beaworthy, DevonAppeal upheld

Whitecleaves Quarry

Refusal of planning permission for construction and operation of materials recovery facility for inert construction and demolition wastes; Construction and operation of incinerator bottom ash processing facility; removal of dolerite outcrop and filling quarry with dolerite and inert material to a depth of 60mAOD to facilitate storage of recycled materials with associated site engineering and infrastructure at Whitecleaves Quarry, Plymouth Road, Buckfastleigh

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 Appeal dismissed
01211/2011APP/J1155/A/11/215575929/07/11Earth bank lagoon for the storage of liquid wastes produced from food production processes, at Stockleigh Farm, Highampton, Beaworthy, Devon.Appeal upheld 25/10/2011
10/00956/DCCAPP/J1155/A/11/215430209/06/11Refusal of planning permission for the erection of anaerobic digestion plant, ancillary equipment and associated works, at Menchine Farm, Nomansland, Tiverton, Devon.Appeal dismissed
10/03594/DCCAPP/J1155/A/11/215346007/06/11Refusal of planning permission to make permanent the existing temporary consent to compost green waste and to increase the amount to 1,000m3, at Field near Mill Hill, Chiverstone Farm, Kenton, Devon.Appeal dismissed 19/09/2011
01/1406/2007APP/J1155/A/09/209305008/01/09Refusal of planning permisison for the construction of waste transfer station for inert and general builders, commercial and general household waste at Monty’s Yard, The Airfield, Winkleigh.Appeal dismissed 21/05/2009
07/04148/DCCAPP/J1155/A/08/207771516/07/08Regularisation and development of elements of waste treatment and transfer operations involving:- (i) Retention and change of use of incinerator building to provide service/repair facility for site plant and vehicles, together with staff welfare facilities, (ii) Retention of verification building for use for waste transfer, processing and storage, (iii) Additional use of yard area for waste transfer, processing and storage, at land at Ruby Farm, Abbotskerswell, Devon.Appeal withdrawn 11/06/2009