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Flood Risk Management

Protecting communities and increasing resilience

PFR Process


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Last Updated

Applying to the scheme

Step 1 – Download Forms

Download policy document and application form from the PFR page on our website. Documents can be sent by post upon request.

Step 2 – Application Submission

Submit application to DCC (details at bottom of document) – Applicant will receive notification that it has been logged.

Step 3 – Application Reviewed

(Applications will be reviewed on average every 3 months)

Applicant will be notified of application outcome. Further information may be required to progress the application.

Property Survey

Step 4 – Contacted by Surveyor

Successful applicants will be contacted directly by DCC’s appointed independent surveyor to organise a survey. The surveyor will undertake the survey of the property once a date has been agreed with the applicant.

Step 5 – Survey Report

Upon completion the applicant will receive a copy of the survey report. This report will recommend a set of PFR measures best suited to their property.


Step 6 – Obtaining Quotes

The applicant will then obtain quotes from 3 contractors, these quotes need to include the core measures detailed in the survey. Kitemarked products are recommended. See the Blue Pages website for a list of potential contractors.

Step 7 – Review of Quotes

Once all 3 quotes have been received, the applicant should send the quotes to DCC.

Installation and Delivery

Step 8 – Chosen Contractor

DCC will agree the contractor with the applicant.

Step 9 – Raising the Purchase Order

DCC will raise a purchase order to pay the contractor. If the price of the work is more than the funding budget, then the applicant will have to arrange to pay the contractor the additional sum.

Step 10 – Payments

If a deposit is required, DCC usually pay a percentage (≈ 50%) in advance, and the outstanding amount on completion. No payments will be made directly to homeowners.

Step 11 – Installation

The applicant will agree the date of installation with the contractor. DCC should also be informed of this date.


Step 12 – Final Payment

Once the work has been completed, DCC should be informed. A completion certificate and photographic evidence should be submitted to proceed with the final payment.

Step 13 – Post-installation Survey

DCC’s appointed independent surveyor will contact the applicant to arrange a post-installation survey. Applicants will be provided with the report.