#Funding Friday

Julia and Hans Rausing Trust: Charity Survival Fund

Grants to provide core funding to help charities overcome the impact of Covid-19, offsetting lost income

A total of £10 million will be made available by the Julia and Hans Rausing Trust to support charities in the UK that have lost income due to COVID-19. Successful applicants will be charities that need financial aid to support the costs of existing programmes and their day-to-day work.

The fund is open to registered charities that operate across one of the three areas prioritised by the trust: health and wellbeing; welfare and education; arts and culture.

Application deadline: 27 July 2020.

Apply by visiting the Julia and Hans Rausing Trust website.

Comic Relief Covid-19 Community Fund

Grants up to £4,000 for small, local grassroots organisations in England to help them recover from the impact of the coronavirus (COCID-19) pandemic and provide essential services in the community.

Application deadline: Thursday 31 December 2020, although as only 150 awarded are expected to be made, early application is advised. Applying organisations must deliver projects that provide community benefit across one of Comic Relief’s four strategic themes:

  1. Children Survive and Thrive: projects that support children under the age of five to reach their potential and have the best start in life
  2. Fighting for Gender Justice: projects that improve equality for women, girls and initiatives that help people affected by domestic violence, abuse or exploitation due to their gender
  3. A Safe Place to Be: projects that support people who are rebuilding their lives because of homelessness or forced migration
  4. Mental Health Matters: projects that support good mental health in communities, improve access to support and tackle stigma and discrimination.

Apply by visiting the Comic Relief Covid-19 Community Fund website.

The Acott Foundation

Grants for UK registered charities working in the UK and overseas in the fields of education, religion, medicine, health and wellbeing and the arts.

The Acott Foundation is a recently formed, modest grant-making Trust that awarded a handful of grants in its first year of operation to charities working in the UK and overseas . The Foundation’s focus is on the following areas:

  • Education
  • Religion
  • Medicine
  • Health and wellbeing
  • The arts

Application deadline: none – contact the Foundation for details of how to apply. The Foundation does not maintain a website. For details about applying for a grant, contact the Foundation at:

The Acott Foundation
Panthera Private Office LLP
Aldermary House
10-15 Queen Street
Tel: 020 3861 9990