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Officer Decisions

Chief Officer for Highways, Infrastructure Development and Waste - Meg Booth

Summary of Matter or Issue Requiring Decision:

Installation of a Puffin Pedestrian Crossing across the A386 at Kelly College, Tavistock

Decision Taken:

In consultation with the Local Member Cllr Sellis and having advertised the proposal without objection, to approve construction of the crossing.

Summary of Reason(s) for Decision Taken:

Having constructed an Olympic Size Swimming Pool with 2012 Olympic Legacy Funding, Mount Kelly School have made the case that crossing the A386 at this location which now involves not only pupils using the Playing Fields but in addition pupils from the now amalgamated Mount School as well as members of the public and guests of the College using the Car Park and crossing the road to use what is now a swimming facility of Regional Importance.

The crossing will cost £70,000 to design and construct but this cost is being funded by the school. In addition, a £13,000 commuted sum has also been secured for ongoing maintenance. The funding has been secured via an agreement under S278 of the Highways Act 1980

The following factors have been considered before recommending that the scheme is constructed.

• The likelihood of both currently suppressed and future demand to cross at this location.
• Increasing Traffic Volumes in the area
• Community Severance
• A feasibility design which indicates that such a crossing could be designed, constructed and operate safely
• No objections received from the public when the proposal was advertised under Section 23 of the road Traffic Regulation Act 1984
• No costs to accrue to DCC for the design and construction of the crossing and an adequate commuted sum for maintenance being in place

Pedestrian Volumes
Estimated volume of Pedestrians crossing the road at 2040 per day with 4 peak hours estimated to be 250 per hour. Est Pv² 0.70

Vehicle Volumes on the A386
531 per hour (Feb 2017 figures)

Vehicle Speeds on the A386
85th%ile speeds approx. 37mph

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Summary of Alternatives or Options considered and rejected:


A pedestrian Refuge was considered as an alternative but discounted as the existing road width is insufficient to accommodate a refuge without widening the road. As the level of the road is above the land to the south and is bounded by a water course to the north, both the costs and disruption involved in widening the road would be significant.


Details of any conflict of interest and dispensation granted to the Officer taking the decision or by any Member of the Council in delegating responsibility for any specific express delegation:


Contact for enquiries/further information:
Mike Jones
Decision Date:
3 July 2017

A copy of this decision and any supporting documentation considered by the Officer taking this decision may also be made available or inspection by the public at the Council’s Offices or posted upon payment of any copying and postage charges. Any member of the public wishing to take up either of these options is asked to please ring 01392 382888 or email: